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we are four queer and trans kids living in a punk house called the void that’s on the brink of facing possible eviction.  multiple forces have combined (people being forced out by the landlady because of a pet, others moving out, others just not having the funds they expected) that leaves us about $1,000 short on rent for october. all of us are calling in our favors, but even with that we still may come up short. finding new housemates is not an option as we are all trying to move out in november.  

 we all have mental illnesses, some severe enough that prevent us from working, and others have been looking for jobs despite this but with no luck. being unhoused would put severely aggravate our already unstable mental health situations for all of us. i don’t think any of us imaged we’d ever be asking tumblr for money, but our housing instability has been pushed to the point where we don’t know what else to do.

 after looking into tenants rights and eviction laws in maryland, it seems that if we don’t pay rent in full on time we could be forcibly removed in a matter of weeks, which would leave most, if not all of us without a place to go.

 so that’s where we’re at, seriously any amount, no matter how small would be so greatly appreciated. please send donations to raven’s paypal at indra.now@gmail.com

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i think i have some inherent flaw where i only desire care/affection/validation from people who for whatever reason cannot give it to me

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Here’s the current full listing of all the US + Canada tour stops for these two wonderful authors! A few cities are still being finalized, so don’t despair if you don’t see yours here yet. Do you have BFFs in these towns?? Please please please tell them about the readings!

9/15 - Winnipeg, MB
The Action House

so stoked for this tour to get to the void/// just made the fb page for the reading at our house next month, queerz cum out:



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Treat yourself, Scorpio! Fuck everyone else

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we’ll fuck you uppppp

s - i’m not as good at it as you are (full album)

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"Oftentimes, the Moon appears in a reading when you are not sure of your destination, or even of the path you are travelling but you travel nonetheless. You may have lost your way and are now left to walk in the dark, guided only by your inner light and intuition. You need to go on without a clear picture of where you are, where you are going or where you have been. The Moon is a card of intuition and psychic forces, so let go of your conscious mental blocks or negative self-talk, and allow your intuition to guide you. Your dreams, intuitions, and inner promptings lead you forward toward higher levels of understanding if you listen carefully and use your judgement to help interpret the veiled messages of the unconscious. Not only will the way forward be revealed but in many cases you will learn lessons about yourself that will be valuable in later journeys."

would a text of this picture be an appropriate way to break up with somebody?