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oh wait yeah have i told this blog yet? i’m moving lol i am going to live with hellbody and viciousgoth and other ppl who are all cool and nice. wooooooo

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FTP: Philly in Solidarity with Ferguson @ Clark Park


For too long Philly has been pacified despite the large militant history ingrained in our radical community. Despite one of the largest repressive, and brutal police departments enforcing economic domination, we have rarely found one another in organized moments breaking from the framework of reform and party politics. Our Anti-authoritarian community is large, yet beyond social gatherings.. we often find ourselves thinking; “What is going to break us from this comfort of lifestyle activism? What is going to push us from fulfilling a scene towards an active force of resistance and solidarity?”

We find ourselves now contemplating on how we can express our utmost solidarity with not only the rebellion in Ferguson, but all communities who have increasingly been thrown into the spotlight following the onslaught of state-sponsored murders. Many of us feel powerless, and disconnected from others thinking the same exact thing, “We have no basis to act on”. Well it’s time to start building that base, and now is as good a time as ever to break that isolation that has been building up. We watch Ferguson in resistance, and are inspired. We see them confronting the fear that the state thrives on, finding one another, building bridges, and replacing tears with action. We are heartbroken over the constant deaths, many people of color and other less privileged classes have fell to at the hands of police. Yet Ferguson has taught us, it is simply not enough to be isolated in heartbreak. We must support one another, and build a base for unity through action. We can no longer weep, or simply talk about our solidarity. We can only act on our solidarity.

This is why, we, as an autonomous affinity of a few folks, are calling for a FTP, Solidarity With Ferguson March in Philly. We have no organizational affiliations. The call out is set for August 23rd, 7:30pm beginning @ the 45th & Regent section of Clark Park (think the big hole). Wear black to both mourn those who fell to state violence, and to negate the forces that kill on a daily basis. We decided as an affinity, that according to the location of an earlier event, this location would be most convenient. We are only few, but know there’s more of yous out there feeling the same way no doubt. Help promote this amongst those peoples. Tell a friend, and tell them to tell a friend. We decided not to use Facebook ourselves due to both pending legal situations, and to the fact that we just don’t got that social media swag to generate much invites. Anyone who wishes to, is welcome to create an event page though.

In love, solidarity and rage -
A few isolated Philly bouls sick of our own isolated tears and rage.

t o m o r r o w

We hate [our bodies] because we are used to think of it as something to sell, something that has become almost independent of us and that is always on a counter. We hate it because we know that so much depends on it.

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